Re: [Histonet] Repetitive strain?

From:Philip Oshel

Jan Minshew wrote a good article on cumulative stress disorders for 
Microscopy Today, 1999, vol 7 #6, pp27-29. Available by free download 

If the direct link doesn't work, go to
and click on "cumulative table of contents", then scroll to Vol 7 #6, 
July 1999.


>Hello all,
>I have worked within Histology for 18 years and have progressively felt
>muscle fatigue and discomfort in the wrists, elbows and neck.  I also
>have numbness and tingling in my left index finger.  It is now being
>addressed by my Occupation Health department (although they are mainly
>used to Display screen monitoring as we are in a university setting)
>In the meantime, I thought I may gain some ergonomics advice or
>alternative methods used by those experiencing the same or similar.  I
>believe that it is mainly manual microtomy and forceps work which are
>causing the problems.  I remember seeing something once about a tennis
>ball being placed over the handwheel to give a better gripping position.
>Anyone else know of this? Or a better solution?  Also, another person
>mentioned using Scissor forceps, are these any good?
>Any and all responses welcomed.
>Debbie Faichney
>Institute of Aquaculture
>University of Stirling
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