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From:Kathleen Roberts

Hmmm. I guess that I consider Histonet a more specialized version of the 
more "everyday" bulletin boards and (sort of) online shopping sites like 
BizRate and those on internet portals like AOL and Yahoo!, etc.  Every 
one of those sites has a forum for posting opinions and ratings about 
how stuff works or doesn't work, companies that supply/deliver/repair 
said products, etc.  I would be surprised if the companies aren't 
actively monitoring these sites to get a handle on how their products 
are doing.  Essentially it's marketing research for free, right?  Why 
should Histonet be any different?

Rutgers University

Monfils, Paul wrote:

>David H.,
>While I agree with much of what you said, I nevertheless fully support the
>practice of seeking feedback/recommendations - positive or negative - about
>an expensive piece of equipment before purchasing it.  Obviously, other
>users of the equipment are the only reliable source from which such
>information can be obtained.  Offering a response to such a query does not
>constitute "airing grievances".  It constitutes sharing of valuable
>information which consumers have a right to know. I realize that any
>company, even the best, can run into a problem now and then. But I don't see
>why that should present a problem. If I request information from users about
>a particular product or company, and one person responds negatively - which
>he/she has every right to do - while a dozen others report satisfaction,
>then of course I will go ahead and try the product or company myself. But if
>a majority of people report problems with a product or company, then of
>course I'll keep my distance. Companies which consistently provide good
>products and good service only stand to gain from such online
>recommendations.  Companies which provide poor products and/or poor service
>have made their own beds and will just have to lie in them.
>Paul M.
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