Re: [Histonet] Good Bye

From:LuAnn Anderson

I would say that it is your companies loss and that the vender in 
question probably hasn't done themselves any good here!! Good luck to 
you--with your knowledge and experience, you should be able to find a 
better position in no time, hopefully with a company that will value 
your opinion.

At 02:46 PM 10/20/2006, Joe Nocito wrote:
>     Just as I expected, some one called my place of employment. Not 
> only did I get flamed, I was burned to a crisp. I hope you are 
> happy. You think you may have won, but all you did was hamper a so 
> called open forum so people could exchange ideas and opinions. Now, 
> many people will be afraid to give their honest opinion for fear of 
> retribution, Sleep tight tonight. You almost cost me my job. Losing 
> my job over a vendor is just not worth it. I don't need any help, I 
> can do it just fine by myself.
>     Netters, it's been fun. I had many laughs and received a lot of 
> information. I pass the baton on to someone else. It's sad that 
> people can not give their honest opinion.
>     We'll be meeting again, you can be sure of that. Good bye and good luck.
>Joe Nocito
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