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From:Bryan Llewellyn

After adding the benzoyl peroxide to the methacrylate, but before adding the 
hardener, add some anhydrous calcium chloride and shake well.  After a 
while, the calcium chloride settles and the dry methacrylate can be 

Bryan Llewellyn

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I'm trying to embed some mouse tibiae in methyl methacrylate, but I'm
having no luck in getting the resin to polymerise. After doing some
reading I've discovered that it's probably because I didn't dry the
benzoyl peroxide first (the stuff we use contains 30% water). Does
anyone know of a safe way to dry the benzoyl peroxide? (I've heard lots
of horror stories about ovens and explosions!) we don't have a
dessicator here but there is a vacuum oven and a freeze drier, would
these be ok to use?



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