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From:"Malcolm McCallum"

According to Humason's Animal Tissue Techniques (5th ed.), Pg 126.  You can use Masson Trichrome Staining method with any general fixative.  Pollak Rapid Method (pg 128) can also use any general fixative, although mercuric chloride will improve formalin fixed tissues.  Finally, you can use Gomori's one-step Trichrome as it is intended for use with neutral buffered formalin (pg 129).
Hope that helps!
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From: on behalf of White, Lori
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Subject: [Histonet] trichrome staining

Does anybody have a method for trichrome staining that does not use
picric acid or mercury for fixation?  References would be wonderful if
you have them.


Lori White

Peterborough, Ontario

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