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i know to all you vets out there this might be a stupid question but
here it goes.  i was on the job trained and it was ingrained into me to
shut down and fumigate the cryostat after a hep or tb pt.  what i was
never told is why.  is it a universal precaution does it effect the
outcome of other tissue cut in that cryo?  try not to make me feel even
more stupid but i really don't know why.  i do it but i just can't
explain to anyone why. 


Hep b is a very nasty virus and TB is a very nasty bug; if you cut
unfixed tissue containing either of these in a cryostat then you
contaminant it, the machine, with these pathogens. Whilst it could be
said that at that temperature the pathogen may be inactive, if you don't
disinfect then you contaminate anything else you cut with it. So you
would have to handle all sections cut in that machine the same as you
handle sections cut from the original infected material, because if you
don't you might die!


I assume you handle unfixed sections from tissue containing these
pathogens with respect as I suppose if you don't then you don't need to
disinfect the cryostat but you might still die. 



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