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From:Rene J Buesa

3 questions Cheri: 
  have you determined the temperature now obtained with your steamer?
  Did you determine the operating temperature when new?
  If so, is now lower than when new?
  Answering those question will permit you to evaluate the performance of your steamer and decide if you need a new one.
  René J.

Cheri Miller  wrote:
  This is kind off the subject but, I have a Black and Decker Rice steamer we
have used for 5 or 6 years and now most of my retrievals aren't working.
Mostly my Pins,TTF and E-Cadherin. The troubleshooting I have done recently
points to a worn out steamer. Anyone else have this problem?? Let me Know
what you think.

Cheri MIller HT ASCP Histology Supervisor, Phys Laboratory. Omaha Ne

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Subject: [Histonet] steamed about steamer

Hi All,

I'm attempting to use a rice steamer for HIER, but am not able to get
the temperature of the retrieval solution above 85 degrees C. I was not
able to find locally the Black and Decker HS2000 that has been
recommended in literature. I can't believe that is the only unit that
will work. Is there something I'm missing here. I'm no Wolfgang Puck,
but come on it's a rice steamer!

Thanks in advance,

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