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I have used the Instrumedics tape transfer system for frozen rat bones for
years and I am yet to get all of cortical bone to stay attached to the slide
and not come off with the tape.  Here is my best effort:  I infiltrate the
samples in 30% sucrose overnight before snap freezing, I use a tungsten
carbide D profile knife of course, I cut the section as thin as possible (I
shoot for 4 microns), then I really spend a lot of time and pressure rolling
the section onto the coated slide, flash it with UV about 3 times, then
before removing the tape I lay the slide flat on a block of dry ice and let
it get really cold before slowly with even pulling remove the tape starting
at a corner and pulling diagonally from corner to corner.  John Trapley
wrote a good how too article for JOH a several years ago which I contributed
to, on this.  Gayle Callis is another with experience and Diane Sterchi
developed a method using another 3M tape I believe.  This method is a good
sent for cutting mineralized bone in the cryostat but it is not perfect or
at least I have not ever gotten a completely perfect section with all the
bone intact left on the coated slide.  

Diane send me the ordering info for that tape please, if you are out there.


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Hi All,   Does anyone out there in histoland get good cryo-sections of 
rat femur or tibia?  I get great 5-7 micron sections of mouse bone 
using the CryoJane Tape System.  Whether longitudinal or cross the 
cortical bone will not laminate and comes off with the window.  I 
certainly don't get sections at all using the anti-roll plate.  I have 
a Hacker-Bright OTF cryostat and use t-c blades.  Any suggestions are 
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  John

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