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From:Philip Oshel

This being Friday and all ...
Yeah, I can see doing ICC on top of Everest. Geese and other birds 
fly past Up There, and they're undoubtly carrying Avian Flu and 
Spotted Splunge Pox, so they need to be netted and tested.
Nor would one have to boil the sea to steam rice in the ocean. Just 
use a strong enough pressure vessel so the internal pressure can be 
maintained at one atmosphere, add water and rice, and stick it into a 
350 deg C black smoker. Rice pilaf ala vente.

I know, it's a bad, inaccurate bilingual pun, but I'm only now on my 
second cup of coffee ...

>Why would you be carrying out ICC on the top of Everest? Do they have a
>Lab up there? Why? Do they do a lot of frozen sections? Does rice taste
>better or worse steamed at the top of Everest? Can you steam rice at the
>bottom of the Sea cos water boils at a higher temperature? Um.... You'd
>have to boil the Sea wouldn't you? That's silly.
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