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I have had surgery on both hands for carpal tunnel (successfully, thank
goodness!) but do want to mention some items that can help with the

I use the Surgipath ergonomic forceps and they have helped a lot.  Also,
if you don't have the money for a completely automated microtome, the
Microm Ergostar is a great alternative.  It is a rotary microtome but
instead of turning a wheel you push/pull a handle on either side.  I
loved this machine but love even better the fully automated one I now
have.  But the Ergostar is a great, relatively inexpensive alternative. 

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Hello all,

I have worked within Histology for 18 years and have progressively felt
muscle fatigue and discomfort in the wrists, elbows and neck.  I also
have numbness and tingling in my left index finger.  It is now being
addressed by my Occupation Health department (although they are mainly
used to Display screen monitoring as we are in a university setting) In
the meantime, I thought I may gain some ergonomics advice or alternative
methods used by those experiencing the same or similar.  I believe that
it is mainly manual microtomy and forceps work which are causing the
problems.  I remember seeing something once about a tennis ball being
placed over the handwheel to give a better gripping position.
Anyone else know of this? Or a better solution?  Also, another person
mentioned using Scissor forceps, are these any good?

Any and all responses welcomed.

Debbie Faichney
Institute of Aquaculture
University of Stirling

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