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From:"Cheri Miller"

I am speechless. I can't believe someone can almost lose their job by giving
their opinion. That is why we are all here to share and learn from one
another. I can see if you were trashing YOUR boss, but this?? 

Cheri MIller HT ASCP Histology Supervisor, Phys Laboratory. Omaha Ne

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Dear All,
  I normally just read what is going on in the world of Histonetters and do
not write, but I think that Joe's Employers should have stuck by him before
taking the Vendors side.
  Just by reading all of his good advice over this last year, I have found
that he has great judgment.  I think that the Bosses should have considered
that and told the Vendor that maybe there is a good reason for Joe's
  I have left a job where one person can cause problems and my side was
never asked for my Bosses blindly believed a jealous person.  So maybe
bosses should value their employees and stand by them,  the Vendor is not
doing the work for them after all, Joe is.
  By the way I moved on to a job where having a brain and the knowledge to
trouble shoot and get the work done is not taken for granted.  I am very
valued for what I can do.  As we all should be valued, we do great work and
have an important place in Health Care, be it Human or Animal.
  So keep up your spirit and fire Joe.
  I would be proud to stand by you, and not behind you!
  Patricia Adams, HT (ASCP)
  Supervisor Histology
  College of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Health
  Tuskegee University
  Tuskegee, Alabama

Patricia Adams
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