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Dear Everyone,

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for anyone to step up and say, "I did such and such and talked to so and so to shut Joe Nocito up!"  Keep in mind that we really don't know what happened (unless I've missed something), albeit it seems most folks on the Histonet have a pretty good notion.                                                                                  If what really happened, happened, as most are speculating...I'm certain it's not in the best interest of the individual, individuals or the organization responsible to "fess up" on this public forum.  That of course would be "their" view.  For all we know they may have received "lawyerly" advice to keep quiet.
Secondly, I don't believe that "legally" vendors could be kept off the Histonet.  Despite what some might think, all of them are not evil.  I'd like to believe the overwhelming majority to be ethical.  As someone pointed out in an earlier post many have done a lot of good for our field.  A movement to eliminate vendors from this forum would basically be the same as what alledgedly happened to Joe Nocito.  Censoring free speech is never a good idea.
Thomas Jasper
AP Supervisor
Duluth, MN 

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I think the person/people responsible for this whole incident should be professional enough to step up to the plate, regardless of the right and wrong involved....I have to agree with the others...this is a site for histotechs NOT vendors....


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