RE: [Histonet] End Goodbye comments

From:Mary L Giebel/FS/VCU


   I  thought that Joe was banned from writing to t= he histonet while he
   was still employed with his current company. That was = the reason for
   the  "Goodbye"  message.  I  feel sure Joe would be taking an ac= tive
   part  in  the  discussions  if he could...and still eat, sleep under a
   roo= f, etc.

   Mary Lee

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   Date: 10/24/2006 05:09PM
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   Well  said  Barry.   For two days now I have seen a lot of em= ails on
   this hot
   topic.  What I haven't seen
   is any more respon= ses from Joe.  I guess Joe has resovled the issue.
   would  =  be  nice  if  the  rest  of us could do the same.  Here's my
   thought, ( had   to  get  it there ),  The histonet was created for histology relate= d
   by  allowing  vendors  to  comment does benefit us.  If a pa= rticular
   vendor has
   ABUSED  this  priviledge,  then  that  is  a matter for Li= nda M. and
   staff.  By
   not  allowing  vendors  to comment there WILL B= E ISSUES that will be
   missed.  I
   am  NOT  a vendor, but I deal with = them daily as I am sure all of us
   Passwords are redundant, &n= bsp;not just anyone visits Histonet, only
   related  personel.  &n=  bsp;The  Histonet is a very valuable TOOL for
   histology.  It
   does a= llow all of us to ask questions about issues that we obviously
   adv=  ice  on.   It allows all of us to benefit from the experience of
   another= .
   Of  all  the  histology  people subscribing on the Histonet,  = pooled
   experience is probably hundreds of years.  There is al= ways something
   new out
   there.   Without  the  freedom  of  uncensored  s=  peech,  would this
   country even
   be  here??? Isn;t that part of the = reason we left that little island
   England  )  a  feww  hundred years ago?=  Histonet allows all of us to
   Now I don't believe it shou= ld be used as a personal attack on anyone
   tech or
   vendor,  but I s= ure as
   H--- don't think it should be turned into a political forum for t= ech
   vendor either.  This particular
   vendor should not have = gone to Joe's boss, and in return Joe's boss,
   not have repremand= ed
   him  either.   Why?  other than the fact it is just wrong, &n= bsp;how
   about.... the
   kick back law???
   meaning,   if Joe's boss = would not stand behind Joe,  and took sides
   of a
   vendor,   the=  officiating  powers  that be that regulate kick backs,
   certain=  ly ask a few questions as to why????  This might be a bit of
   str=  etch  here...... but so far,  so has the rest of this particular
   forum.=  I
   t is easy to
   see   the  outrage,   as  a  fellow  tech  and  su=  pervisor,   I  AM
   outraged!!!!  But
   since  we  histotechs  stick  t=  ogether and will support each other,
   isn't it
   possible  to think that th= ere are 2 sides to every story, as well as
   being  painted  in  on=  e's own color???  We all know Joe to be level
   headed, and
   distribu=  te  honest  and  sincere  advise,   so naturally we are all
   outraged.  = ;
   And while the rest of us are
   screaming  foul....   Joe  is  certai=  nly  appreciating the support,
   however is
   would appear that this i= ssue has been resolved with him,.......  not
   Just  =  one  tech's  opinion.        Thank  you all for the comments,
   perspecti= ves,
   and advice on this matter.
   Again this is what the Histonet WAS = created for.  Right Linda M?????
   >From: "Rittman, Barry = R" 
   >Subject: [Histonet] End Goodbye comments
   >Dat= e: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:22:18 -0500
   >There will never be an id= eal solution, lets all use a little common
   >sense and tolerance for b= oth vendors and customers and look at each
   >situation individually as= one size solution does not fit all.
   >Sometimes both vendors = and customers are hoist by their own petard.
   >= ;It appears to me that it is now time for us to start discussing
   >his= tology topics again.
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