RE: [Histonet] End Goodbye comments

From:"Kallye Walther"

Well said Barry.  For two days now I have seen a lot of emails on this hot 
topic.  What I haven't seen
is any more responses from Joe.  I guess Joe has resovled the issue.  It 
would be nice if the rest of us could do the same.  Here's my thought, ( had 
to get it there ),  The histonet was created for histology related issues, 
by allowing vendors to comment does benefit us.  If a particular vendor has
ABUSED this priviledge, then that is a matter for Linda M. and staff.  By 
not allowing vendors to comment there WILL BE ISSUES that will be missed.  I 
am NOT a vendor, but I deal with them daily as I am sure all of us do.  
Passwords are redundant,  not just anyone visits Histonet, only histology
related personel.  The Histonet is a very valuable TOOL for histology.  It 
does allow all of us to ask questions about issues that we obviously need 
advice on.  It allows all of us to benefit from the experience of another.  
Of all the histology people subscribing on the Histonet,  pooled that 
experience is probably hundreds of years.  There is always something new out 
there.  Without the freedom of uncensored speech,  would this country even 
be here??? Isn;t that part of the reason we left that little island ( 
England ) a feww hundred years ago?  Histonet allows all of us to benefit.
Now I don't believe it should be used as a personal attack on anyone tech or 
vendor,  but I sure as
H--- don't think it should be turned into a political forum for tech vs. 
vendor either.  This particular
vendor should not have gone to Joe's boss, and in return Joe's boss, should 
not have repremanded
him either.  Why?  other than the fact it is just wrong,  how about.... the 
kick back law???
meaning,  if Joe's boss would not stand behind Joe,  and took sides of a 
vendor,  the officiating powers that be that regulate kick backs,  can 
certainly ask a few questions as to why????  This might be a bit of a 
stretch here...... but so far,  so has the rest of this particular forum.  I 
t is easy to
see the outrage,  as a fellow tech and supervisor,  I AM outraged!!!!  But 
since we histotechs stick together and will support each other, isn't it 
possible to think that there are 2 sides to every story, as well as pictures 
being painted in one's own color???  We all know Joe to be level headed, and 
distribute honest and sincere advise,  so naturally we are all outraged.  
And while the rest of us are
screaming foul....  Joe is certainly appreciating the support,  however is 
would appear that this issue has been resolved with him,.......  not here 
Just one tech's opinion.     Thank you all for the comments, perspectives, 
and advice on this matter.
Again this is what the Histonet WAS created for.  Right Linda M?????

>From: "Rittman, Barry R" 
>Subject: [Histonet] End Goodbye comments
>Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:22:18 -0500
>There will never be an ideal solution, lets all use a little common
>sense and tolerance for both vendors and customers and look at each
>situation individually as one size solution does not fit all.
>Sometimes both vendors and customers are hoist by their own petard.
>It appears to me that it is now time for us to start discussing
>histology topics again.
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