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In my opinion (and experience) you can bill an 88331 x2 because you have two separate specimens in two separate containers. Every additional frozen done on ONE specimen gets charged an 88332, for example if you had done margins on your first (A) specimen x3 frozen blocks, you can charge 88331 x1 and 88332 x2. 
I am not a professional biller, but this is my understanding. I checked my American Medical Association Surgical Pathology billing guidelines and they (AMA) define pathology specimens as below:

"A specimen is defined as tissue or tissues that is (are) submitted for individual and separate attention, requiring individual examination and pathologic diagnosis. Two or more such specimens from the same patient (eg, separately identified endoscopic biopsies, skin lesions, etc.) are each appropriately assigned an individual code reflective of its proper level of service."

hope this helps!!! :)

Kari Marie Zajic HTL,MLT

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Subject: [Histonet] 88331 and 88332

There seems to be some confusion on what codes to use when multiple
frozens are sent on multiple specimens.

I need some clarification, therefore, I am providing an example.

If two specimens are sent to the lab for frozen section labeled:

A)      left upper eyelid 12 o'clock marker

B)      left upper eyelid

Frozen section diagnosis on A) is basal cell carcinoma at margins.

Frozen section diagnosis on B) is no evident malignancy.


Am I correct in using 88331 x 2 in addition to 88305 x 2?

I am getting billing rejections stating that I should be using 88331 x
1, 88332 x 1, 88305 x 2.

If so, please provide me with appropriate documentation.

Thank you.

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