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From:"Snapper Allen"

I work in the biotech industry but not with the vendor mentioned.  My 
company ran into a similar situation in which something was not right with 
our product or service.  We tried to contact lab supervisor to get more 
information but they would not answer or return our calls so we went to 
their boss.  Our whole intention was to get more information so we could 
make things right but obviously the employee got in trouble for not 
answering our calls, posted it on the histonet and the smearing began.  I 
noticed from the posting the other day that Joe does not like the said 
vendor and he most likely never will after this situation.  All I ask is 
that you try to look at the whole picture and realize that companies, a 
majority of the time, do not try to get people in trouble.  We just want to 
discuss what is wrong , how we can correct the problem and move forward.  
The only reason I mention this is because when it becomes my companies turn 
again I hope you consider that you don not know the full situation, only one 
side, and usually from the person upset with the company.

Joe Nocito wrote:
>     Just as I expected, some one called my place of employment. Not only 
>did I get flamed, I was burned to a crisp. I hope you are happy. You think 
>you may have won, but all you did was hamper a so called open forum so 
>people could exchange ideas and opinions. Now, many people will be afraid 
>to give their honest opinion for fear of retribution, Sleep tight tonight. 
>You almost cost me my job. Losing my job over a vendor is just not worth 
>it. I don't need any help, I can do it just fine by myself.
>     Netters, it's been fun. I had many laughs and received a lot of 
>information. I pass the baton on to someone else. It's sad that people can 
>not give their honest opinion.
>     We'll be meeting again, you can be sure of that. Good bye and good 
>Joe Nocito

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