[Histonet] from Maxim

From:Maxim Peshkov

Dear Rene!
1- I want once again thank to you for PT/PM
Hematoxyline protocol. Today I was received zinc
chloride and stained slides with this procedure.
These results much better than with bichromat
acetic acid, which I use earlier. Old procedure
require 48 hours, but new (your protocol) less
than 2 hours.
2- Also I was receive Gallocyanin and will be able
use the methods, include this dye. But, on a
label not contain C.I., and its molecular formula
C15H12N2O5 (instead C15H13N2O5Cl, as mentioned B.
Llewellin on this site). I cannot have other
source for info about dyes. Our gallocyanin
manufactured maybe in Russia (no dates on label).
3- I was tried ice cubes for cooling embedded block
immeditealy afterwards, but advantage when cutting
has not noticed. If the blocks immediately after
embedding place into freezer, then blocks will be
cracked. Thereby too strong difference I have
not noticed. Maybe I do something wrong?
4- Some pathologists, HTs and medical technologist
read your article ("Histology: a unique area
of the Medical Laboratory.") with great taste and
these paper was very interesting and
useful for they. They are send to you separate
I very pleased was once again you to write.
Best regards from all.

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