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From:"Amos Brooks"

     I have only used 2 brands of steamer so far but there's no reason
another can't work as well. Certainly steamers can wear out as one user has
pointed out. I have seen this, the heating element stops getting the
temperature high enough. As this is a new steamer that shouldn't be the
     It's possible that the steaming rack is too far from the element
leaving the steam enough time to cooldown before it reaches the slides. That
is pretty much a design flaw if that is the case. If so there's nothing else
for it but to replace it. Try to get something compact that allows enough
space for whatever container you are using to hold the slide rack.
     It is possible that the vents are allowing the steam out too quickly.
That could prevent the steam from heating the buffer up enough. If so you
could cover some of the holes (Try duct tape at first, you can figure out
something more permanent if it works.
     To make sure the buffer gets up to the right temperature, I have holes
drilled in the top of my steamers just big enough to fit a thermometer. This
way I know the buffer is hot enough to put the slides in and when the buffer
gets back up to the right temperature after the slides are added. This is
great because you can directly monitor the temperature of the solution in
real time thruought the retrieval process. (Try that in a microwave or
pressure cooker)
     In response to the gentleman that was having trouble with E-Cadherin,
we have found an extra 10 min. produces a stronger antibody reaction. This
works for ER & PR too. I am sure we'll find more if we actually get time to
test more antibodies.
Good Luck
Amos Brooks
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