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Hi Medea,
We use the Gomori's method for staining our reticulum for bone marrow and have very good results.  The method is found in the Histotechnology - A Self-Instructional Text, by: Freda Carson.  I use the drop-on-slide method with most of the steps.  The key is to mix the staining solution well.  It's hard to tell you instead of show you.  You might have to experiment with the stain a few times to get it right, but if you follow the instructions in the book I think it will work for you.  If you should have further questions you could call me at the number listed below.
Good luck and happy staining.
Sharyl Kewley, HT (ASCP)
Columbia Reginal Hospital
404 Keene Street
Columbia, MO  65201

   7. Re: RE: Using the best Retic Silver Stain for Bone marrow
      biopsies  (Rene J Buesa)

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Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 05:56:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rene J Buesa 
Subject: Re: [Histonet] RE: Using the best Retic Silver Stain for Bone
        marrow  biopsies
To: "McGraw, Medea J" ,
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Medea J.:
  In my experience, after trying many different procedures, I found that the best and more consistent is Gomori's ammoniacal silver method.
  René J.

"McGraw, Medea J"  wrote:
I am searching for an optimal method for providing the best Retic silver stain, aside from using automation and kits, on bone marrow biopsies. Currently, we have been using the Wilder's technique and ran into inconsistencies in the past 5 months or so. Is there a better method than your lab is currently using that you would care to share with me to try? I have also tried the Gridley's and the results are good fibers but very muddy. We are currently using a Nexus to help us "get by" but the kits are $$$ and it's just a temporary fix. I am interested in all methods (microwave or not). I would appreciate any suggestions.


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