[Histonet] Questions about muscle FIBER TYPE differentiation

From:Yun Shi

Hi all,

I'm a new member in histonet. I've been doing some IHC and IF staining 
on frozen muscle sections from mice.

I've encountered a metachromatic dye-ATPase staining method which was 
originally reported by Ogilvie RW on Stain Technology (1990) Vol 65, 
No.5, 231-240 and subsequently used by various labs to identify muscle 
fiber types. In short, they claimed that using this method, all fiber 
types could be identified simultaneously by different intensity and 
homogeneity of staining.

I've followed the protocol three times so far. It did not show as pretty 
as others. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this method and what steps 
or modifications need to be done to optimize it. Also how is the result 
compared to IHC or IF using different anti-myosin antibodies?



Yun Shi
University of Texas
Health Science Center
at San Antonio


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