[Histonet] My opinion to this issue

From:"Gamal Akabani"

I am not a Histonet by profession but I follow your comments and
advice in the many issues you post. This site is extremely important
and should not be tarnished by the actions of a vendor.

The issue has no basis for retribution.

1.- Joe's comments were posted in an open space for ALL to see and
comment. His comments were not irrational nor based on prejudice.

2.- Joe's opinion is protected and cannot be punished by ANY academic
system as it was OPEN to all to see and comment. Internal or no
internal regulation, retribution is against the law regardless of the

3.- Vendors are welcomed to this site as long as they base their
opinions and comments on a scientific basis, no propaganda etc, no
personal attacks.

4.- A formal letter or e-mail from the members of this site should be
sent to Ventana and advice them that such actions do have
repercussions and shall not be tolerated in the future. Our academic
freedom is fundamental to our work, a principle that cannot and shall
not be hinder on the basis of prejudice or disagreement with a vendor
or academic administration for that matter. I do not think Ventana
would like to see an open letter to the editor of an important journal
mentioning this issue for all of us to see and ponder.

Gamal Akabani

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