[Histonet] Ink, slides, cassettes


Hello everyone,

Two questions:
I know this question comes up every now and then, but has anyone else been 
having problems with cassettes not holding the print from a Surgipath cassette 
printer?  Cassettes, and not all colors, are fading drastically after coming 
off the processor and in some cases looks like runny, blobs of ink.

We also seem to be having some problems with handwritten slides fading 
drastically after staining.  We've used Securline pens for a long time and now they 
aren't doing so well on slides, especially the Superfrost Plus slides.  The 
Marketlab pens seem to do a little better with legibility but smear badly if 
your fingers are slightly wet....and they don't last long.

Deb King
Sacramento, CA
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