[Histonet] Immunohistochemical stainers

From:cynthia haynes

Dear Histonetter

I,d like to add my 2 cents to this issue. We are stuck
with a lemon of a stainer also, I refuse to use the
thing. It also is hit and miss. It's a great idea
these machines, but the companies that are pushing
this machine need to work out the bugs and then if
there is a problem please give us good customer
service, with knowlegdable people who having a working
knowlegde of these contraptions,as well as the
methodalogy of the staining techniques. I know how to
trouble shoot a lot of the problems that usually
acompany's immunohistochemistry but with these
machines I am totally at the mercy of some rep who may
know or may not know. So there I've aired my
Everyone have a GOOD DAY.

Thank you,

Cynthia Haynes H.T.

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