[Histonet] Alcian Blue vs. Safranin-O for Human Umbilical Vein Tissue

From:"George Adams"

        I am trying to find out a detailed comparison of Safranin-O
Alcian blue stains for glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and proteoglycans. 
Specifically, does Safranin-O stain sulfated (chondroitin sulfate) or
only non-sulfated GAGs (hyaluronic acid)?  Is there an advantage or
disadvantage to using Alcian blue for the same GAGs?  The tissue that
one of the students in our lab will be using is from human umbilical
    I received a very nice and quick response from Mr. Charles
Churukian via Mr. Matthew Frank at the 
the University of Rochester Medical Center which is in bold below.

Mr. Adams,

I was just informed by Charles Churukian that Alcian Blue is the
stain to use for an umbilical cord section.  Safranin O has been used
for bone tissue but for this application Alcain Blue is your stain.  I
have no info on comparison studies between the two.  

Matthew Frank

Looking forward to everyone's responses.

                                    George Adams, Ph.D.
                                    Dept. of Otolaryngology

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