[Histonet] A complex issue.

From:Rene J Buesa

Dear Dr. Margraf:
  If you have monitored Histonet in the last 3 days you may have found that, because some comments he did, Mr. Joe Nocito who is a frequent and useful contributor to Histonet, was reprimanded by his boss after a vendor from Ventana complained about Joe's comments.
  Free speach is involved in this incident:
  a- Joe's right to express his opinion; and
  b- the Ventana's representative to complain about it.
  The reprimand was an internal issue and perhaps motivated by some internal administrative regulation and may be justified, but the use of Histonet as an spying tool by a vendor, I don't think is right.
  Very rightly so you have regulated the use of Histonet and have requested that vendors do not use it as a sales vehicle (although some do it from time to time) and although I do not think that you can do much about this incident I wanted to let you know that Histonet has been used as an spying and retaliatory vehicle by a vendor that, instead of taking the complaint to improve a product or a service, has opted to use for mean purposes hiden in anonymity!
  René J. Buesa 

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