Re: [Histonet] general mouse-ihc-stain

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

Hi Gudrun,

Anti-mouse IgG stains all IgG in mouse tissue which is located in the 
blood which fully perfuses organs and tissues from the mouse. The IgG 
may also be within the extracellular matrix outside the vasculature. 
It does not stain ALL cells at all but rather specifically stains the 
IgG in the blood and that which has diffused into the tissues. There 
is something on the order of 10mg IgG per ml blood so you can imagine 
why it gives an intense staining pattern ... that is 1000X the amount 
of primary we normally add for staining!!!! To address your final 
question more specifically, anti-mouse IgG is NOT a marker of mouse 
cells in general as if you stain mouse cells in vitro (therefore 
without the blood perfusion) you will get NO STAINING.

-- Andrea

At 11:33 AM +0200 10/8/06, Gudrun Lang wrote:
>perhaps not a really clever question, but I hope somebody can easily explain
>it to me. Why does a (monoclonal) anti-mouse antibody stain all
>mouse-tissue, when it is created against the fc-part of mouse-antibodies? Or
>does this only happen with polyclonal antibodies, that are nt really
>purified? Is such a secondary anti-mouse ab specific against mouse-tissue in
>general? Is this just an artefact, that could be used for identifing
>mouse-cells in other species? Hmmm.


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