Re: [Histonet] counterstain for immunofluoroscence

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

DAPI, Hoechst 33342 are excellent for this purpose assuming you have 
the appropriate filter sets on your scope for that wavelength. 
Alternatively if you are doing confocal with a far red laser you can 
use Draq-5 or Topro-3.

>    I am processing mouse brain sections for double-immunofluorescence and
>need to find a suitable counterstain.  I do not necessarily need the
>counterstain to be fluorescent, since the purpose of the counterstain
>is only to map the area of interest, but I want to make sure that
>whatever counterstain I use is not going to quench my fluoresence. I am
>using secondary-conjugated Alexa 488 and Streptavidin-Alexa 546.  I
>appreciate any and all advice.  Thanks in advance for your help!
>Anna Beaudin
>Division of Nutritional Sciences
>Cornell University


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