Re: [Histonet] congo red featuring thioflavin-S

From:"Mildred Fail"

Congo red is considerd to be more specific, Thiofalavin stains a variety of tissue componets

Rena Fail

>>> Delatour Benoît  10/10/06 12:54PM >>>

Dear Histoneters,

Does anyone knows the true difference (in terms of specificity/sensitivity)=20
between Congo red and Thioflavin stains for amyloid deposits (eg Abeta 
plaques in the brain of Alzheimer's patients or genetically-modified mice 
that develop cerebral amyloidosis). In a recent publication I used Congo 
red to quantify agregated Abeta deposits but one of the reviewers claimed 
that thioflavin was, per sure, more efficient "to provide high contrast to 
detect even the smallest plaques". From my personal experience I would not 
share the same conclusions. Has anyone has a bibliographic reference 
dealing with differences between the two stains?


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