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OK, that is what I figured.  I have been hesitant to try it because I need
to mount multiple sections on each slide, and I wasn't sure if the EtOH
would in some way alter the adhesive properties of the slide (I have been
having enough problems with that, don't want to add to it).


On 10/4/06, Stephen Peters M.D.  wrote:
> Ion,
>   In general once you have dipped the slide in ETOH you cannot put another
> section
>    on while it is wet with ETOH . I do not see why you couldn't try to put
> another on
>   after the ETOH has dried. You can also put multiple pieces on the slide
> and fix
>   them all at once but the first section will show some drying artifact.
>   I guess you could also put a first section toward the label, then dip
> only the lable
>   half of the slide. Then put a second section toward the opposite end of
> the slide
>    and dip that half.
>   As far as FS brushes are concerned. I actually went to an art supply
> store and tried
>   a variety of them. For me I settle on the stiffest which gave me the
> most control
>   over the curling section.
>   I use Chinese bristle brushes. Number 1 or 2 flat or bright type. ( 3/16
> and 1/4 inch).
>   I cut them at an angle with a sharp blade to match the angle I am
> holding it. I also
>   cut the length of the handle down to a practical size ( they are long
> artist brushes).
>   These are about $3 at your art supply store. I buy them in bulk from the
> solo
>   brush company  prepare and offer them for the same $3. Here is the link
> if
>   anyone wants to buy them in quantity.
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