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From:"Richard Cartun"

Hi Sherri:

Do you work in a hospital laboratory?  If so, you really should prepare
your own control blocks from tissue that you have on site.  I am not a
proponent of using someone else's tissue (that has been fixed and
processed differently) for control purposes.


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>>> "Sherri Anderson"  10/09/06 10:22
AM >>>
Good morning everyone!  Does anyone know of a company that sells
blocks for IHC?  I'm looking for blocks rather than slides because 1) I
cut my own slides and 2) in the long run, the blocks would probably end
being more cost efficient.  Does anyone know of such a company?  I did
quick search on the web but didn't come up with anything.  I'm just
for controls for some of the more "routine" antibodies:  actin, CEA, 
cytokeratin, AFP, desmin, GFAP, S-100, chromogranin, PSA, etc.

Thanks for any feedback!


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