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We use regular slides to pick up our frozen sections when we are doing 
routine H&E's. We fix the slide in Rapid-Fixx(Thermo Electron Corp.) prior 
to staining and the sections never fall off. Good Luck!
Christie Gowan

>From: John Baker 
>To: Histonet 
>Subject: [Histonet] tissue coming off slides
>Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 12:00:46 -0400
>Hi All,  A group I work with just came to ask if there was a way of keeping 
>frozen tissue sections from coming off a slide?  It seems there technician 
>used uncoated/regular slides to mount 100's of sections.  The tissues were 
>embedded in OCT and cut at 5 microns but of course are sliding off during 
>any staining procedure.  Is there a protocol of any sort to coat the slides 
>after the fact to retain the sections through staining?  I at least 
>suggested they stain flat.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  John
>John A. Baker
>The University of Michigan
>Orthopaedic Research Laboratories
>Histology Unit
>109 Zina Pitcher Place, 2218 BSRB
>Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2200
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