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From:"Terri Braud"

On Microwaves and reproducibility - 
We use our Kenmore (straight from the shelves of Sears) to heat various stains.  
This worked for my last inspection.    
We devised a simple test that we perform monthly.
Use 3 identical glass coplin jars, each filled with room temp DI water. 
We check and record the room temp in each.  
Then one by one, microwave each jar in the center of the microwave on high for 15 seconds, 
then immediately check and record the heated temp as we remove the jar from the oven.  
We've never had more than 1 degree variance in the 3 jars or from month to month.
Simple and seems to meet their requirement.
My Friday I the only one that thinks that CAP is getting carried away with its AP regs?  It seems that they add more and more every revision!
Just my 2 cents, Terri Braud

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