RE: [Histonet] IHC control blocks

From:"Sherri Anderson"

Thanks to everyone for their input.  I appreciate the information that was 

To answer Richard's question, I do not work in a clinical hospital 
laboratory; therefore, I do not have access to a variety of human control 
tissues.  I simply want to validate my own antibody preparations for a 
project I am researching.  I totally understand what you (and others) are 
saying about preparing one's own control tissue -- and if I were able to do 
so, I certainly would.  Not only would it be more cost efficient, but it 
would also be more "standardized" since I would be the person doing the 
processing.  I agree with that.

With regards to a subsequent email that questioned whether or not I should 
actually be doing the test(s) at all just because I'm looking to purchase 
control blocks, that's a little insulting.  A lot of people purchase control 
slides for special stains and immunos -- should they not be running those 
stains just because they don't make their own controls?  Why does NSH have 
an IHC control tissue bank then if that is the case?  How does purchasing 
controls from a company or lab that specifically sells such a product 
somehow rob me of the knowledge, skill, and expertise necessary to conduct 
the test?  I have made my own monoclonal antibodies in the past via 
hybridoma production -- does that fact make me any better or more qualified 
at running an IHC test than someone who purchases their antibodies?  No, it 

Anyway, thanks again for the responses.  I am also very grateful for the 
offers that I received to trade blocks with some labs, but I really don't 
have much to trade at this point...and what I do have, I actually need for 
myself (i.e. I don't have much to spare).  I got a couple of suggestions for 
companies that actually sell control blocks, so I will look into that.  
Thanks again.


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>Subject: RE: [Histonet] IHC control blocks
>Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 10:06:21 -0600
>Good point Richard.
>If you don't have the control tissue in house perhaps you should not be
>doing the test????/
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>Hi Sherri:
>Do you work in a hospital laboratory?  If so, you really should prepare
>your own control blocks from tissue that you have on site.  I am not a
>proponent of using someone else's tissue (that has been fixed and
>processed differently) for control purposes.
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> >>> "Sherri Anderson"  10/09/06 10:22
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>Good morning everyone!  Does anyone know of a company that sells
>blocks for IHC?  I'm looking for blocks rather than slides because 1) I
>cut my own slides and 2) in the long run, the blocks would probably end
>being more cost efficient.  Does anyone know of such a company?  I did
>quick search on the web but didn't come up with anything.  I'm just
>for controls for some of the more "routine" antibodies:  actin, CEA,
>cytokeratin, AFP, desmin, GFAP, S-100, chromogranin, PSA, etc.
>Thanks for any feedback!
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