RE: [Histonet] Histotechs: how many are we nationwide?

From:Rene J Buesa

OK, then this would be a "downwards" correction:
  1- 5,193 hospitals x 75% Texas proportion to the whole nation (assuming that this ratio is applicable nationwide) = 3900 hospitals 
  2- X HTs/hospital = 35,000 HTs
  3- + 4,000 HTs in university settings = 39,000 HTs nationwide.
  A new figure to consider
  Now a question: those referral labs how many HTs do they have?
  René J.

Lance Beard  wrote:
  Rene, I think your assumptions about number of hospitals with histology labs
may be high. In Texas approximately 75 of the 370 general hospitals in the
Texas Hospital Association have an independent lab doing their histology. 

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Advance Magazine for Lab. Profess., Sept.25, 2006

"Morken, Tim" wrote: Rene, where did the average
of 9 per lab come from? 

Tim Morken

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Dear Histonet subscriber:

The US Census does NOT recognize histotechs (HTs) as a category of
professionals (the NSH is going to try to do something about that during
2007) so we do not know how many we are. Some indirect calculations are
needed to answer that question.
According to the US Census bureau:

1- there are 5,193 general and surgical hospitals and perhaps 95% of them
have a histology laboratory = 5,000 labs
2- the average number of HTs per lab = 9 (range from 1 to 15 or more in
So, in hospital settings there could be 5,000 x 9 = 45,000 HTs

3- There are 4,084 institutions of higher education and perhaps 50% have
some sort of histology lab, veterinary, marine, research, botany, etc. =
2,000 histology labs.
4- those experimental labs have an average of 2 HTs (between 1 and 5,
sometimes up to 10) So, in universities there could be 2,000 x 2 = 4,000 HTs

Adding both = 49,000 histotechs nationwide. 

If membership to the NSH in 2006 (4,400 members) is any indicator (and
usually prestigious professional societies are able to have a membership of
roughly 10% of the profession) it can be said that the 4,400 members in 2006
= 9% of the proposed number.

What do you think? 
Are we more than 49,000; less? or is 49,000 HTs about right?
René J.

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