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I don't know if this is enough, just right, or overkill, but we run a Formalin fixed paraffin embedded control (Section of uterus, skin, and colon) through our H&E set up every morning before staining the first rack.  We run a buccal smear every morning in our FS H&E set up (just scrape our own cheeks, 95% Alc fix, then run) and we run a fixed paracentesis thin prep (used to be a cytospin) slide every morning for PAP stain control.  We also run a blank slide with every FNA to check for possible cross contamination.  The pathologists sign off H&E, PAP stain, and IHC stain QC sheets for overall quality.
Just sharing,
Terri L. Braud, HT(ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Supv.
Holy Redeemer Hospital
Meadowbrook, PA 19046
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Hi all,
 I had a manager from another facility ask me a question this morning. Her pathologist feels that there should be a "quality control slide" stained along with the cytology cases which are stained H&E. I personally have a contamination procedure in my facility to run a blank slide after cytology cases have been run to insure no cross contamination (we're CAP certified, they are JHCO) occurred. Aside from the pathologists filling out their daily QC log, what do you do in your facility? Does anyone run a QC slide with their H&E's? Is there a cytology QC slide I can direct them to make/purchase?
Of course, this question is posed to me third party so I am not 100% sure on what this pathologist means, I am getting my information from a lab manager, not a histology/pathology manager...
I would appreciate any feedback!
Thanks in advance...
Kari :) 

Kari Marie Zajic HTL,MLT
Histology/Pathology Supervisor
Palms West Hospital
Pathology Department

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