[Histonet] fried specimens

From:kristen arvidson

  We have had problems with our specimens (all derm) on and off for several years. They get hard and fried looking.  The problem is so sporadic. The weird thing is only one piece of the biopsy will be affected(ie. one half of a bisected punch looks fried the other normal). We use some sponges when necessary for smaller pieces (I've heard they can cause problems).  We are on a 12 hour processing schedule (which we could probably reduce).  We have older VIP processors.  We are running 350-550 blocks per day so our processors get pretty full.  We have recently lower our paraffin temps and we try to keep spaces between our cassettes as much as possible.  We check all reagent levels to make sure they are full.  So my questions is 'what else are we missing?'  Also, can anyone help me with ideas on shorter processing schedules for skin?
  Thanks for any input!!

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