[Histonet] buffer for mounting floating brain sections

From:"Caroline Bass"

Hey guys,

I know this is a question that has probably popped up before, but I  
searched the archives and didn't find exactly what I need.

I want to mount floating mouse brain sections (40 micron, NBF fixed,  
sucrose protected) onto superfrost slides.  I will immediately  
coverslip after drying, they will not be processed further.  What is  
the best buffer to float the sections in when mounting onto the  
slides.  PBS seems to leave a lot of crystals, I have heard that 0.1M  
phosphate buffer is better.  Distilled water results in a lot of  
curls.  Since I am not going to process the slides I don't have to  
worry about them falling off later (which I heard is a problem with  
charged slides and PBS).

If there is a preferred buffer could you also include the recipe.



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