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From:"tiang yeepeng"

   Dear all,

   I  am  currently using a cell-cycle marker, which is the Ki-67 made in
   the  mouse for immunostaining. However, I need to do a western blot to
   validate  my host protein in HeLa cells and I need a blocking peptide.
   The  company  which  I bought my Ab from doesnt sell the peptide and I
   have  to  outsource  from  other  companies. However, I found that the
   peptides  are sold with the Ki-67 Ab made in other hosts and no one is
   actually  selling blocking peptide for Ki-67 made in mouse. Will there
   be any problem if I use the peptide which is meant for Ki-67Ab made in
   other  hosts (instead of mouse in which my Ab is made from)? Thanks in
   With regards,
   Department of Medical Microbiology,
   Faculty of Medicine,
   University of Malaya.

   Correspondence address: 
   Molecular Diagnostics Research Laboratory,
   (c/o: Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory)
   4th floor, East Tower,
   University of Malaya Medical Centre,
   50603 Pantai Valley,
   Kuala Lumpur,
   Tel: (+6)03-79492205
   Fax: (+6)03-79492818
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