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From:"Johnson, Teri"


You wrote: Hello,

  I recently froze embryo samples in OCT that had been sitting in 70%
glycerol.   When I tried to section these samples on the cryostat, the
results were terrible -- the specimen basically would not be cut
(appeared gooey and stuck out of the block).  I wasn't able to save
anything.  The problem I have is that all of my samples are in glycerol,
and I would eventually like to section them. :)   Does anyone have any
advice as to what I can do with these samples to make them section-able?
They have been stained with Xgal, so I can't do anything that would
weaken the stain.  Thanks in advance for any advice!

Anna Beaudin
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Cornell University

My advice is to paraffin process them and section them that way. There
is some concern that the xylene will remove the x-gal stain, and I can
assure you that unless you have the samples bathing in it for many
hours, the x-gal will remain in the sample.

Best wishes and good luck!

Teri Johnson, HT(ASCP)QIHC
Managing Director Histology Facility
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
1000 E. 50th St.
Kansas City, MO 64110

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