[Histonet] RE: phalloidin

From:"Pixley, Sarah \(pixleysk\)"

Along the lines of phalloidin, I tried something else that I am reporting here did NOT work. Our frozen sections were coming off the slides during immunostaining so I tried something I have always wanted to try. We dipped the frozen sections (after air drying) in gelatin (pure 1 or 4% gelatin, in water, autoclaved to dissolve). Then air dried them vertically so they had a thin film. Then we tried to immunostain for BrdU after that. NOTHING worked!! I haven't tried staining for any other antigens. We used fairly long incubation times, so penetration theoretically should not have been a problem. (Overnight for primary, 2 hours each for biotinylated-secondary and ABC). The sections stayed on better, but no staining. 
Just FYI. Perhaps others have tried something similar? Does anything work?
Sarah Pixley

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