[Histonet] Flame Dako....

From:"Christine Jacobs"

I am also experiencing problems with Dako concentrate antibodies. They
have apparently discontinued the EMA antibody I use and I had to wait
over 2 months for the IgA-FITC antibody to be delivered. I see that
there are no problems in Saudi Arabia receiving Dako products but for
some reason Maine is off their radar!
The biggest problem I am having with replacing the Dako products is
finding IVD- or ASR-rated antibdies. I am anticipating CAP telling us we
can't use them (I know they haven't yet, but I suspect they will soon).
Therefore I don't really want to spend a bunch of time working up an RUO
antibody. However, it is not easy to find repalcements with the
appropriate rating. I have 2 Ventana XT's and I try to get as many
antibodies from Ventana or Cell Marque as I can. BioGenex has mostly
IVD-rated concentrates and offer a larger varitey of antibodies. I'm not
completely stuck yet. Out of the 95 antibodies our lab offers, there is
only one that I can only find an RUO for (Inhibin).  I am afraid that
with Dako limiting their antibody menu, I am going to run into more
problems as I try to add more antibodies to our lab's request form!
Maybe the manufacturers and vendors will take notice and do something
before CAP does!
Any comments?......
Chris Jacobs, HT(ASCP), QIHC
NorDx Laboratory
Scarborough, ME
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