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From:Rene J Buesa (by way of histonet)

If you are looking for xylene substitutes because you are trying to avoid
the chemical
hazard that xylene has, all other xylene substitutes are also hazardous in
some level
and none work as well as xylene.
If you are trying to avoid the hazard, you have to eliminate aromatic
altogether and go for an aliphatic reagent.
Since attachments are supposed not to be posted in Histonet I am sending a
directly to your e-mail address. This procedure retains fluorescence
signals also.
Rene J.

yasushi nakagawa  wrote:
Hi all,
I am wondering how good xylene replacements are compared with xylene.
We use mouse brain sections (mostly 20um-thick cryosections, and some
thicker sledge sections) and do immunostaining with cy-2/-3/-5 as
well as Alexafluor conjugated secondary antibodies, GFP/RFP/CFP
detection, and DAB reaction/Nissl staining. I wonder if someone knows
long-term signal (color and fluorescence) retention and tissue
quality when you use xylene substitutes before DPX mounting. I find
some in EM Sciences catalog and would like to ask you if you have
recommendations for particular products.
Thank you.

Yasushi Nakagawa
Department of Neuroscience
Stem Cell Institute
University of Minnesota

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