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From:"John A. Kiernan"

Agar might be better than gelatin. Gelatin is made by
boiling collagen, and it stains with the Van Gieson
method. Van Gieson staining does not increase the 
birefringence of collagen fibres. The best staining
method for this purpose is sirius red F3B in saturated
aqueous picric acid. See Junqueira et al (1979) 
Histochemical Journal 11:447-455 for a thorough study 
of the technique. 
If measurements (optical; orientation etc) are to be made, 
it can be advantageous to reduce the concentration of 
sirius red F3B in the solution; see Canham et al (1991)
Neurological Research 21:618-626.

John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
London, Canada.
Niloufar Fozouni wrote:
> Hello every one,
> I need to embed pure collagen in particular substances
> in different concentration and stain them (van
> gieson's  method).
> I've tried embedding collagen in gel and gelatin  as a
> mold and then embedding that  in OCT for
> cryosectioning but, couldn't get uniform section and
> also after staining the collagen washed off.
> I need to do that as a  calibration in polarized light
> microscope.
> If any one has suggestions please let me know.
> Thank you.
> Niloo
> Physics Dept.
> Oakland University
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