Re: [Histonet] To clarify : Mechanical tool for removing spinal cord from rats. (by way of histonet)

I regularly use a large bone and tooth saw in the UK obtainable from a
materials science supplier

If you navigate the site you'll find turbinates.

I got the large one for opening up the skull of pigs and have used for
opening the turbinates of Guineapigs, rats and mice.
I have also used it to split the femur of a mouse LS, if this was my only
use I would have gone for the smaller version though!

Gill Brown
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20-Oct-2005 15:19

[Histonet] To clarify : Mechanical tool for removing spinal cord from


What do people use to remove spinal cords from rats during post mortems??
At present we use large scissors to cut through the bone but are looking
try a mechanical tool to replace this.
Does any one have any recomendations.??



Thanks to all who replied so quickly,

To clarify,

I am actually wanting to remove the whole spinal column with the cord
inside, so it would be a tool to cut through the ribs attached to the
spinal column,  we do a lot of pm's and are trying to make life a little
easier on the hands as cutting through the bone can be tough.

Thanks once again


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