Re: [Histonet] Air Bubbles in Manual Coverslipping

From:Rene J Buesa (by way of histonet)

You should start with the fluidity of the "glue" (I always prefer to call
it "mounting medium").
It should be fluid enough to spread over the section. You should apply a
very small drop over the section with either a plastic dropper or a wood
The coverslip should be over a paper towel and you should get the
slide/section with the mounting medium drop on it in contact with the
coverslip and press it gently.
You should wrap your finger with a cotton fiber disposable gauze to
immediately clean the excess mounting medium.
If the mounting medium is liquid enough you will prevent the bubbles, and
even if the amount is in excess you can clean it around the coverslip
eliminating the "overflow".
Rest the coverslipped slide flat to dry out.
Dammar resin or any other commercial mounting medium will do. Regardless if
the diluent is toluene or xylene, you can always adjust the fluidity with
xylene (which is totally miscible with toluene).
Practice is essential ("like getting to Carnegie Hall!").
Hope this will help.
Rene J.

Travis Troyer  wrote:
We have recently come under the "gun" for excess bubbles and glue on the
slides after coverslipping. We currently do all of coverslipping manually
and was wondering if anyone had any helpful hints to keep the bubbles out
and and excess glue off the slide.
Thanks for the assistance,
Travis Troyer
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