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Sorry!  Mouse spleens from transgenic mice.


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>Dear Histonetites,
>I have been asked to prepare some FFPE spleens that are cut "along
>the long axis".  (Apparently the standard cut for
>hematologists/pathologists to use?)   The way a spleen looks to me,
>there are three possible planes to cut it in;  one perpendicular to
>the longest dimension and two parallel to the longest dimension.  Of
>the the two planes parallel to the longest dimension, one would be
>parallel to the second longest dimension and one would be
>perpendicular to the second longest dimension.  I've been cutting my
>spleens parallel to the longest dimension and perpendicular to the
>second longest dimension, because that's where I seem to get the most
>information, and it also looks like what I see in my hematopathology
>textbook.  Is that correct?  I know there's probably a standard way
>to do it that everybody knows but I'm not a histologist, pathologist
>or hematologist and I'm pretty uninformed about the standard clinical
>ways to do spleens.  I would appreciate any advice, references, etc.
>Thanks in advance!
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