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From:"Malcolm McCallum" (by way of histonet)

I have purchased histogold antibody for identifying vitellogen.  Anyone out
there used histogold and aware of any of the various problems I might
encounter, or precautions I should take so that I do not ruin my samples!

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From: on behalf of Rene J Buesa
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To: Anne Van Binsbergen;
Subject: Re: [Histonet] mercury

Any war with a pathologists is easy to wage but difficult to win, mostly
depending of the pathologist "power".
On the other hand you have to understand their position: they are used
to "see", to "identify" things after a certain procedure and feel more "secure"
if things don't change from what they used to know, or have been trained
Having said that, and as you point out, B5 is wonderful for morfology (although
it requires "de-mercurization" before the staining) but is not better than
buffered formalin for general or special staining, including
Even the "humble" NBF is good for anything.
Mercury banning is general in the USA.
I don't know if you will get the "flurry of responses" that you would like,
but you can
add mine to the others.
Hope it will help!
Rene J.

Anne Van Binsbergen  wrote:
Hello Histonetters

I am trying to get rid of all Mercury in my lab and have been waging a
war with one of the pathologists. He is absolutely determined to retain
his 'trusted' B5 for bone marrows and all other odds and ends which he
reckons should have a piece in B5 - 'just in case' - he believes that B%
is better for IHC than formalin

We all agree that the B5 morphology is hard to beat, and that there are
various other fixatives which could be used instead

For the past 18 mths we have been using Millonigs 10% NB Formalin and
are getting stunning results, for both routine H&E's as well as IHC.

The key to good IHC is good fixation - timing and fixative

What I need is a flurry of responses which include your local
legislation regarding heavy metals. I am now trying to do this via OH&S.



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