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Hi histonetters,
First, let me inform you that your website  has always been a great help,
consulting you has become indispensable. I am a  technician in a tissue
engineering lab. I end up doing histology in  paraffin and resin for the
past three
years which I enjoyed very much.  However’Ķ.:
Histology in paraffin did not cause me any  problem in the other hand the one
in resin (methylmetacrylate.spurr and epon)  cause me few complications
considering the fact that my samples are implants of  titanium  coated with
a layer
of hydroxyapatite that’Äôs also covered by  a cellular layer rich in collagen
I found problems in the choice of  resin , the resin MMA and epon present an
important retraction , I make   thick sections of 100 um then grind them. But
I can't make all of the possible  staining for collagen and the tissue newly
I would like to know if you know any  information on specialize training in
histology as close as possible to my field  in another word the inclusion of
hard resin of diferent biomaterial covered with  tissue. the choice of the
appropriate fixative, the choice of dehydratation  solvent, the choice of
resin the
best timing for it, a good interpretation of  the microscopic blades and make
the difference between coloration artifact and  reel element.
Could you provide me with title of manuals  that will help me answer some of
these questions?
Or where I can find them?
And also if there are courses or training  to follow?
Thank you very much for your  information
Myriam B
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