[Histonet] Surprise CAP inspections

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Reviewing my Histonet mail for the last few days I came across Susan's  email
asking for advice about CAP inspections. I don't know if anyone mentioned
that some time in the future they are about to become surprise inspections.
 may be quite a trip. Every laboratory I have worked in traditionally cleaned
up  the lab when the CAP was coming, reviewed all the manuals, checked the
fridge  for outdated chemicals, etc.  We also set aside a conference room for
the  inspectors to camp out in, arranged lunch and made appointments for them
with  the chief of medical staff, hospital administrator, etc.
Now we all know that our labs should be tidy all the time, everything in
date in the fridge, and we should work like the CAP was coming every day, but
there may be some surprises for the CAP inspectors in the future. Key
people may
 be off (Chief pathologist/Hospital administrator/histology supervisor).
there  may be no lunch for them, no where for them to park etc. In fact
they may
find  no one is ready for them. The state inspectors for medical laboratories
in  Alabama used to arrive unannounced and it was a trip. Maybe like the
Any ideas anyone?!

Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA
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