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Louis- Quit drinking vinegar, get your HT, then call back. HT eligible=
HT "ain't got". The first question on your interviews will be "are you
certified?". If your answer is yes, you probably have people calling,
unless you've burned some bridges.

For Kappa , Lambda- I would use a multi tissue control block made in
your lab by you. In this you can put a few tonsils, a few previously
positive lymphomas, and both your bone marrows. It will answer all the
pathoologists' questions and leave no reason to doubt your reactivity
issues. I quench with 3% H2O2, use a caseinate protein block as the
first two steps, and my dilutions are 1:40k and 1:15k respectively with
the Dako polyclonal.(really) We retrieve 25 min in Citrate buffer 6.0 in
a 98C water bath. We have clean reactions in both tonsil and bone marrow
clot and bx, with some non spec staining of red cells.
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